• true partners in...
    providing expert advice and creativity to help our clients blossom.

    M&A / Strategic Advisor / Investor
    Divestiture of Home & Children’s Division

    feature-flowers Jim McCann, Chairman and CEO
    Chris McCann, President
  • true partners in...
    providing top-tier capabilities to talented dealmakers, so they can focus on talented dealmaking.

    M&A/Strategic Advisor

    feature-kanna Michael Serruyua
    Chairman/CEO, Kahala Corp.
  • true partners in...
    focusing intensely on value-creation, so our client can focus intensely on chocolate creation.

    M&A / Financings / Strategic Advisor / Investor

    feature-choc Bryan Merryman, COO/CFO
    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • true partners in...
    raising capital to help a client’s business take flight (even if its turkeys prefer not to).

    Capital Raise / Strategic Advisor

    feature-turkey Matt Cook, CEO
    Norbest, Inc.
  • true partners in...
    working side-by-side with management to transform a company and build significant value.

    Acquisitions / Financings / Strategic Advisor / Investor
    Sale to TD Ameritrade for $825 million

    feature-think Lee Barba, Former Chairman/CEO
  • true partners in...
    navigating complex situations to achieve sweet outcomes.

    Financings / Strategic Advisor
    Divestiture of Fannie May to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM
    Spinoff of Kencraft, Dynamic and Maxfield’s
    Multiple acquisitions

    feature-sweet Taz Murray, Founder
    Alpine Confections
  • true partners in...
    achieving winning results without relying on chance.

    Capital Raise / Strategic Advisor / Investor

    feature-loredo Gary Leff, Chairman/CEO
    Laredo Hospitality

Octagon Capital Group is a merchant banking firm that combines top-tier investment banking capabilities with an intense focus on enhancing value and achieving our clients’ objectives.

Bringing extensive transactional and tactical expertise, we focus primarily on small-cap, mid-cap and private companies with significant potential for value-creation, working closely with senior management teams, owners and boards. We have deep experience across sectors, situations and transaction types, from tactical and transformational M&A, to growth capital, to distressed situations requiring complex solutions to maximize value. We take the unconventional approach of aligning our incentives with achieving each client’s objectives, and in certain situations where appropriate, will make direct investments, particularly where we can be a value-added investor. We’re proud of our skills and track record, our close long-term relationships with management teams and boards, and our ability to achieve great outcomes.

our guiding principles: focus intensely on our clients at all times to achieve the best possible outcomes. read more...